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Resin Bonded Filters

Filter Quip supply the Global Resin Bonded Filter Elements to many customers for arduous applications including; Paint, Sealants, Coatings, Adhesives, Resins, Inks, Lacquers and Waxes.

The Unique manufacturing process of Global Resin Bonded Filter Elements, produces a rigid fixed-matrix graded pore structure. Contaminant Holding is maximised and the synthetic fibre / phenolic resin binder offers proven performance in challenging applications – with high temperature / high viscosity.

Micron rating from 2 to 150

Standard lengths from 9.25” to 40” Standard max temperature 121 degrees Centigrade with Double Open Ended Elements

Construction materials – Polyester & Acrylic Fibres with Phenolic Resin.


Our Resin Bonded Filters are ideal for paints, coatings, oils, and many other demanding applications.

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