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Filter Quip represents Amafilter in the UK & Ireland for Liquid Process Filtration.

Pressure Leaf Filter

The Versis pressure leaf filter is a vertical pressure filter from Amafilter bv with a large specific filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements. 

Amafilter bv have been building these filters for more than 60 years. 

The Versis range incorporates several product improvements making the design state of the art. 

More than 10000 vertical and horizontal pressure leaf filters have been sold worldwide for various applications. 

The double sided filter leaves are made from stainless steel. The rigid filter leaves have five layers of stainless steel wire screen. The top layer of screen depends on the application. 

The filter leaves are individually mounted on the central manifold, which allows the removal of any or all of the filter leaves easily for maintenance. 

The filter cake can be dried with compressed air, inert gas or steam. The cake is discharged by a pneumatic vibrator, through a large butterfly valve.

Cricket Filter

The Cricket filter is used for direct filtration and for precoat/bodyaid filtration. 

Direct filtration is often possible because of the use of filter cloths. In some applications no precoat is needed.

During precoat / body-aid filtration the Cricket filter is first precoated with a suitable filter aid. 

During filtration some filter aid may be added into the feed to keep a high filtration capacity during a long cycle time.

At the end of the filtration cycle the filter cake is dried with air or gas and then back pulsed. 

The filter cake is discharged through a large bottom valve.

The Cricket filter, is fully automated, produces a high filtrate clarity. 

Elements are mounted on internal manifolds. Cake is released by back pulsing with air manifolds individually, which results in an effective back pulse.

During the short regeneration time the filter medium is cleaned intensively. The filter element spacing and the filter cloth are selected to suit the filtration needs of the application. 

The filters are as standard equipped with a cover lift assembly. 

The Cricket filter has no rotating parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Amafilter System Applications

Chemical Industries

• Bulk Chemicals 
• Chemical Intermediates Brine
• Catalyst Recovery
• Inks & Coatings
• Resins
• Carbon Removal
• Acids & Alkalis
• Biodiesel
• Sulphur 

Food Industries

• Edible Oil
• Cold pressed Oil
• Sugar & Sweeteners
• Cheese Brine
• Cacao
• Beer, wine, soft drinks
• Spirits
• Mineral water

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