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Filter Quip Filtration Services

Filter Quip are dedicated to making the world safer, healthier and more productive through providing environmentally-conscious products and services that help our customers enhance their processes while maintaining their operating costs. 

Filter Quip Filtration Solutions UK & Ireland

Industries we serve

Food & Beverage – We are proud to be recognized as a premier supplier of depth, pleated depth, pleated membrane cartridges and filter vessels for the food & beverage industry.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences – We promise high purity, efficiency, and economy to our
customers. Our products undergo demanding integrity tests and are certified in our hygienic
production facilities.

Micro-Electronics – We provide superior filtration solutions for high purity manufacturing and
processing of semiconductor components and products.

Industrial – Our filtration products and services are utilized by customers in a wide variety of industries
including: paints, inks & coatings, water treatment, mining & minerals, chemicals. 

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